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The Winter Family Weekend in Lexington, Kentucky has helped change the culture of the Church of God. Eighteen years ago, God blessed us with an event without borders. People quickly learned that it is what you believe -- not the name on the church door that makes the difference. It's an environment where friends can meet to worship, learn, and play together, and celebrate the Faith that is common to us all.

Winter Family Weekend
Lexington, Kentucky

The 2014 Winter Family Weekend is now complete, and we had another fantastic year! It is a privilege and joy to meet together with brethren from around the world, working together to strengthen and refresh one another within our Christian calling. It truly is a network of faith!

Our many thanks go to all those that attended, participated, and volunteered to make this year's activities a resounding success. We could not do it without the support of our Christian brethren and God's blessings.

Audio/Video Download From the Service
For those wanting a copy of this year's Sabbath message by Bill Jacobs, here is a link to the audio recording of his sermon: How to be Loved, Respected, and Appreciated. The video recording is available on YouTube as seen below. The sound on the video is very low but raising your computer's volume to maximum does permit it to be heard. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Winter Family Weekend
Lexington, Kentucky
Sponsored by
Church of God, Cincinnati, and Church of God, Lexington
P.O. Box 1811; West Chester, Ohio 45071
(513) 755-0040